Super Entertainment Application has movies, music, and Mini Games.

What are the (services)?

Yango Play

How do I register to the (service)?

Using your mobile number or from Yango play app

How do I subscribe to the (service)?

On https://play.yango.com/ or https://play.yango.com/mobily=

How do I unsubscribe from the (service)?

From Yango Play App or Mobily support http://infomob.digitalcg.net

Who is eligible to subscribe to the (service) through Mobily?

All Mobily base

I already have the (service). How can I change my payment method to “Mobily add to bill”?

you should unsubscribe from yango play and subscribe on https://play.yango.com/mobily

On what devices can I open my the (service) account?

You can open the account on a phone or a computer.

Is the charge auto-renewable?

Since it is a non subscription service, it is not auto renewable.

How can I get more support?

You can get more support at https://www.yallapay.live/help or support@boku.com

Terms and Conditions:

  • YANGO PLAY subscription available for 60 days free with Mobily till end of April 2024
  • After the free 60 days period, subscription at SAR 29.99 per month
  • This is a subscription with movies, TV series, Mini Games and tracks in Music.
  • If you face any issue contact help@support.yango.com