Rahati is a service that gives you a better control over your incoming calls. With "Rahati", you can put whoever is bothering you in the "Blacklist". Therefor any calls form the "Blacklist" will be blocked. You can choose a response message to be played when they call you such as: switched off, ringing tone, busy tone, special message that you have blocked him … etc.
You can exclude numbers that you don’t want to block by placing them in the excluded list. You can also add a four-digit identification code that requires the caller to enter in order for the caller to reach you, as well as schedule incoming calls at the specified times and dates.

You can also block calls from certain countries and exclude specific numbers from them. 


Set the service to one of the following options:
1. Control Incoming Calls:
Customers can block a single number, multiple numbers, or block incoming calls from certain countries. They can also create a blocking schedule to block incoming calls during specific hours of the day or days of the week.
The customer can also block incoming calls by adding a passcode which callers enter when calling the service subscriber.
2. Receive a text message:
A message will be send informing the subscriber of a call from a blacklisted number.
3. Blacklist Answer Message:
Customers can select the answer message that the blocked caller will hear.

Service Activation

This service is available to all Mobily customers and can be activated via

Default Setup

Deactivating Service

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