Voice Mail

Mobily Voicemail answers your calls and takes a message if you're unable to take any call for any reason. Never miss an important call, when you're engaged with another call or your mobile is switched-off, out of coverage, or if you simply can't take a call.



Create your own greeting

Mobily Voicemail will enable you to greet your callers in your own voice or by creating your own greeting.

Messages capacity

Mobily Voicemail will enable you to receive a maximum of 10 messages up to one minute each and to be stored in your mailbox for one week.

Roaming access

Don't miss any important call while traveling abroad or during a flight. Just divert your calls to Mobily Voicemail, and when you reach the required destination, dial +966 560101410 then enter your mobile number and listen to your voicemail.

Voicemail password

Mobily Voicemail will enable you to change your voice mailbox password to prevent unauthorized access to your messages by others, call 1410 to change your password.

New messages notification

The Voicemail will notify you with all incoming voicemail messages via SMS, to keep you updated with all new messages.


How to Activate voice mail?

Dial 1410 to activate your Voicemail and personalize your welcome message in Arabic or English.


Divert Calls

Condition Divert to voice mail Cancel divert
All call **21*1410# OK ##21# OK
Busy **67*1410# OK ##67# OK
Out of coverage **62*1410# OK ##62# OK
No answer **61*1410# OK ##61# OK
Busy, no answer or unreachable **004*1410# OK ##004# OK