VoLTE Service

What does VoLTE technology stand for?

This abbreviation is used to refer to the transferring of voice through the LTE technology which gives you the option to use the 4th generation LTE network to make voice calls with the ability to proceed surfing the web simultaneously without being disconnected.


What are the features VoLTE technology providing to the subscribers?

  1. High-quality calls.
  2. The ability to make a video call while being able to use data (Internet) transfer service simultaneously.
  3. Reaching out faster to the other party during a video call.

For high-quality audio and making the most of this technology, both parties (Caller/ receiver) must have a mobile phone that supports VoLTE technology.


Is there a VoLTE service-subscription fee?

No, it is offered for free and without any additional charges, whereas the voice calls and internet will be counted and billed as per the postpaid package you’re subscribed to.


What are the devices that support VoLTE technology?

Currently, the service will be available on Mobily network on the below devices. We will add and announce more devices soon:


What about other devices like Samsung?

The service will be available soon on other devices soon. We will be announcing it.


Does this service work during roaming?

No, there are no agreements on the VoLTE roaming with the international telecom companies.


VoLET technology activation steps on Huawei P30

To activate VoLTE calls from the settings on your device, select Wireless networks, then select the phone network where you can activate VoLTE calls feature for the selected SIM Card.