Mobily eSIM

Mobily eSIM

An embedded SIM, or eSIM, gives you the freedom and convenience of having multiple phone numbers on a single device without worrying about physical SIM card limitations.


More about the eSIM:

An eSIM is a digital SIM that is built into the device and can be activated by a QR code. If you want to change devices, all you need is a new QR code to activate the eSIM on your new device.


With an eSIM, you can have:

* This may depend on the device and the maximum number of lines allowed under a customer’s ID.


How to get an eSIM:

If your device supports eSIM, you can get an eSIM with a new Mobily number or replace your existing physical SIM through Mobily’s online shop Or Mobily App Or by visiting any Mobily outlet.


Visit the Mobily App and follow the below steps:

o   Go to Store in Mobily App, click “Active New eSIM”.

o   Select “New Line”.

o   Choose your package.

o   Select SIM type “eSIM” and complete the steps.

o   After payment, your eSIM QR will be shown and received via email.

Or visit the Mobily website:

Choose your package, then select an eSIM, and follow the easy steps.


How to activate your eSIM:

It only takes a few steps to activate your Mobily eSIM and to start using your line on your device.


First, request an eSIM and get your QR code from Mobily. You can do this through Mobily’s online shop, app, or at any Mobily outlet.


Next, follow the device-specific activation steps that accompany your QR code. Make sure you are connected to a WiFi network (or any reliable internet source) for the entire activation process.


QR code activation steps:


1.      Go to Settings > Cellular. Then, tap “Add cellular plan”.

2.      Scan the QR code by using the camera on your device.


1.      Go to Settings > Connections > SIM Card Manager > Add Mobile Plan.

2.      Scan the QR code by using the camera on your device.


1.      Go to Settings > Mobile Network > SIM Management > Add eSIM.

2.      Scan the QR code by using the camera on your device.


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iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 

14 Pro Max, 14 Plus

iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 

13 Pro Max, 13 Mini

iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 

12 Pro Max, 12 Mini

iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 

11 Pro Max

iPhone XR

iPhone XS, XS Max

iPhone SE

iPad Pro 11-inch 

(1st, 2nd generation)

iPad Air 

(1st, 2nd generation)

iPad Mini 

(5th generation)

iPad Pro 12.9-inch 

(3rd, 4th generation)

iPad (7th, 8th generation)


For more information, you can visit the manufacturer’s official website:



Galaxy S22, S22 Pulse, S22 Ultra

Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Z Fold 2

Galaxy S21, S21 Pulse, S21 Ultra

Galaxy Z Flip 3

Galaxy Z Fold 3

Galaxy S20, S20 Pulse, S20 Ultra

Galaxy Z Flip 4

Galaxy Z Fold 4

Galaxy Note 20, 20 Ultra





Mate 40 Pro

P40, P40 Pro, P40 Pro Pulse





Pixel, Pixel 2

Pixel 4, Pixel 4a

Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL

1. How can I subscribe to an eSIM?

If your device supports eSIM, you can get an eSIM with a new Mobily number or replace your existing physical SIM by visiting any Mobily outlet. No extra charges will be applied during the promotion period.

2. How many eSIM profiles can I have on my device?

You can usually have up to 10 but this also depends on your device’s memory. We recommend that you check your device’s user guide as it may vary from one device to another. The policy for the maximum number of prepaid and postpaid lines allowed under a single ID also applies to eSIM.

Note that only one eSIM can be connected to the network at a time.

3. Do I have to subscribe to a certain package to activate an eSIM?

No, you can get an eSIM with any postpaid or prepaid package subscription (Voice or Data). You can also do a SIM swap and move your current number and package from a physical SIM to an eSIM.

4. Can I add lines from different carriers/operators on an eSIM?

You can add lines from two different carriers if your phone is unlocked. However, the terms and conditions of the number of prepaid and postpaid lines allowed under one ID will still apply.

5. Will all my current services work if I replace my physical SIM with an eSIM?

Yes, all your existing services and tariffs will work on your new eSIM.

6. Can I still use the physical SIM after I activate my eSIM? Is it safe to throw it away?

Once your eSIM is activated, your physical SIM for the same number will be deactivated. You can safely discard it.

7. Can an eSIM be activated on the eSIM-enabled Apple Watch?

Yes, you can use an eSIM on your Apple Watch. This will allow you to make and receive calls through parallel ringing and send SMSs without an iPhone nearby.

8. What if I want to cancel my eSIM and go back to a physical SIM? Is this possible?

Yes, you can always replace your eSIM with a physical SIM by visiting any Mobily outlet.

9. What do I need to do if I want to replace my eSIM device with another eSIM-supported device?

You’ll need to delete the eSIM profile from your old device, then get a new QR code for the same number by visiting a Mobily outlet.

10. What do I need to do if I lose my QR code?

The QR code is linked to only work with your number during the activation process so there’s no need to worry about anyone else using it. 

If you lose the QR code, you can simply request a new one.

11. Can I subscribe to an eSIM on top of my existing multi-SIM service?

If you are an existing multi-SIM user, you can replace any of your physical SIM cards with an eSIM. Or, you can activate a new multi-SIM as an eSIM as long as it is within your allowed limit of multi-SIMs.

12. Will my eSIM work while roaming?

Yes, it will.

13. Is it possible to reuse the same QR code on another device?

No, the QR code cannot be used on another device if the original code has already been activated on a device. However, the same QR code can be reused on the same device if the eSIM profile for the code is deleted from that device.

14. How do I delete an eSIM profile?

If you want to delete an eSIM profile from your device:

You can remove it from your phone settings, but it will still remain activated under your account.

If you want to deactivate an eSIM line on your account:

You will need to contact Customer Care as removing an eSIM profile from your device does not mean that the line is deactivated.