AppleWatch Service

eSIM is available on your Apple Watch, which will allow you to make or receive calls (parallel ringing), send SMS without an iPhone nearby!

What is the Apple Watch eSIM?

How To Activate

You can active Apple Watch eSIM with simple steps by yourself 

  1. First you need to update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS, and make sure your Apple Watch version updated to the latest watchOS version and apply to this service.
  2. Pair the new Apple Watch with iPhone then Select “Cellular” from Watch App then “Set up Cellular”.
  3. It will redirect you to Mobily page, log in with Mobily account user name and password, or you can register if you don’t have an account on Mobily digital channel.
  4. You have to accept the Terms and Conditions.
  5. We will authenticate you through Nafath.
  6. You can check the service details once you click on “more support”.
  7.  When adding the setup fee on the invoice for postpaid customers, or deducting the setup fee for prepaid customers, the Apple Watch eSIM service will be activated immediately on your Apple Watch.

Setup fee

57.50 SAR

Monthly fees

28.75 SAR


* VAT Inclusive.


Which versions are eligible for service?

The latest commercial version of iOS (14.5 or 14.5.1), WatchOS (7.4 or 7.4.1), iPhone (v46.1), and Watch (v16.1).

What is the eligible number of Apple watch eSIM on your line?

You can get one Apple Watch eSIM on your line number.

Will the new Apple watch eSIM be counted from the current allowed number of multi SIM under one account?

No, it will be available as an additional multi-sim and not as a replacement for the existing multi SIMs.

Can I activate the service on multi-SIM?

No, the service works on the Primary SIM only, and it must be active SIM that receives calls.

What are the versions of Apple Watch support this service?

Version 3, 4, 5, 6, Nike, and SE.

Do I have to subscribe to a certain package to active Apple Watch eSIM?

No, the new Apple Watch eSIM can be issued for all voice packages (Prepaid, Postpaid & Hybrid), excluding Data packages.

What if I have an existing Multi SIM?

New feature (outgoing calls) will be enabled on your Multi SIM without a change in the Monthly fees.

Can Apple watch eSIM be reusable on different devices?

No, it is only usable on the same device, you have an option to swap eSIM with extra fees, and Apple Watch eSIM swap will be on Apple Watch only.

Is international roaming supported in Apple Watch eSIM?

No, currently it is not supported.

Can non Mobily customer activate Apple Watch with Mobily number?

Yes, he/she needs to purchase a new Mobily voice package and activate Apple watch eSIM on the same number.

Can I cancel Apple watch eSIM service?

Yes, you can cancel or modify your Apple watch eSIM service at any time, you can do it through “Manage account” or Mobily App, and when canceled, you will lose the outgoing call feature, and monthly fees will be stopped.